XIII Ibero-American Congress of Thought

The Casa de Iberoamérica and the Holguin branch of the Casa de Altos Estudios "Don Fernando Ortiz" call for the XIII Ibero-American Congress of Thought, to be held between October 25 and 27, 2018 in the Cuban city of Holguin, in the special framework of the celebration for the XXV Anniversary of the Casa de Iberoamérica.

The President of Honor is the Doctor in Historical Sciences Eduardo Torres Cuevas, president of the House of High Studies Don Fernando Ortiz, of the University of Havana, director of the National Library José Martí, director of Editions Contemporary Image and of the magazine Debates American people.

The topics to be debated will be grouped in forums. The suggested topics do not exclude the possibility of others, as long as they are related to the forums convened.

FORUM 1: Sociodemographic studies

• Migrations, causes and consequences in the Ibero-American context,
• Population projections in Cuba, Latin America, the Caribbean and the peninsula
• The sociodemographic variables age, sex, skin color and its sociocultural connotation,
• Reproductive health, fertility and population aging,
• Demographic scenarios in rural and urban contexts,
• Population mobility versus infrastructure in urban contexts and social mobility.
• Labor resources.
• Mortality and morbidity.

FORUM 2: Hispanic migratory processes and national identity

• Spanish migration in the world, history and adaptation processes,
• The ethnic Hispanic components and their diaspora in Latin America,
• Demographic significance of the Hispanic migratory processes of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries in Cuba,
• Cultural footstep left by Hispanic immigrants at the national, regional and local levels,
• Associations Processes, Communities of Natives and Descendants of Spanish origin,
• Cuba and Spain and the round-trip processes. The emigration of the returned, social capital, cultural changes and influences of the American culture in the European thought and societies.
• V Workshop on Canarity: Particular studies on the Canarian diaspora in Latin America and Cuba.

FORUM 3: Culture, tourism and sustainable development
• International collaboration and development in Cuba,
• Culture and capacities for sustainable development,
• Management of exchange projects, local and international
• Tourism and enhancement of cultural heritage,
• Tourism and development in localities,
• Communities, population and endogenous development,

 FORUM 4: Social thought and national identity
• Nationalist and liberating, regional and local thought,
• The formation of the Nation and the National Culture in Cuba,
• The dictatorial processes in Latin American history and the struggle for emancipation. The clandestinely as a form of struggle. The disappearances and tortures,
• Study of personalities,
• Decolonial thinking,
• Racialists and ethnic minorities,
• Articulation between region, cultural diversity and religious field.

     FORUM 5: Gender Studies
• Sustainability of the patriarchal system,
• Domesticity, labor market and power,
• Gender and community studies,
• Gender, social policies and age groups,
• Domestic violence and child abuse,
• Gender studies in educational contexts,
• Studies on masculinity,
• Gender and health,
• Communication and Gender,
• Religion and Gender,
• Science, Technology and Gender,
• Gender and legislation.

FORUM 6: Cultural Groups and Artistic Processes
• Artistic practices of the autochthonous communities,
• Aesthetics, theory and art criticism in the Latin American context,
• Artistic creation and community,
• Private and institutional collecting,
• Hispanic, Latino and Caribbean musical heritage,
• Art biennials in the Ibero-American context. Integration and legitimating spaces,
• Alternative spaces for exhibition, exchange and commercialization of art,
• Promotion and cultural management,
• Pedagogical strategies in Artistic Teaching.

The speakers will present a digital version of their proposals with an extension of 5 pages for the content of the work, in Arial 12, space and a half, without cover, in compatible systems with Windows. It is necessary that the name of the document is saved and sent with the exact title of the work, the name of the 2 authors and in Word 97-2003 document format (.doc). In a first page, you must enter, only, the following information: Title of the work (whose extension does not exceed 12 words), name of the authors with their academic or scientific degree, institution, province or country, email and telephone numbers; in the case of nationals, the identity card of the one who will attend the event (only one author may attend per presentation). All accompanied by a summary of no more than 250 words and keywords. At the end, the bibliography should appear, bounded by the APA standard; these elements are not included within the limit of 5 pages. Two authors will be admitted per presentation, each main author can send two proposals of works to select one of them. Research designs and texts that exceed the limit of pages or authors are not allowed. Once the works have been selected, different forms of presentation will be accepted, such as: power point show, poster, video, panels and others. The deadline for admission will close on August 30, 2018.
An Admission Committee will select the works to be presented in person.

The registration fee for nationals is 150.00 CUP. Transportation is not included for participants from other provinces. The organizing committee will guarantee pre-booking of lodging and meals, the amount of which must be paid by the participants who wish to opt for this management. The registration fee grants the right to:
1. Have internal transportation,
2. Receive a gastronomic offer within the development of the scientific sessions,
3. Access all areas where the Congress will be held,
4. Receive the speaker's certificate with academic credit,
5. Publish your work in the Congress Proceedings with ISBN,
6. Participate in press conferences, radio and television programs, written press and other media.
  Apart from these rights, participants will have the opportunity to enjoy our city in the framework of a multicultural party.
To register, contact:
Organizing Committee House of Latin America. Arias No.161 between Maceo and Libertad. Telephones: (5324) 427714 and (5324) 427715.
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For foreign participants:

The registration fee is included in the commercial package circulated by the Paradiso Travel Agency, official reception of the event, and includes all categories of participants.
The registration fee includes:
• Credential and printed Program,
• Participation in interviews with press media,
• Permanent protocol service including translation if needed
• Invitations for artistic shows,
• Visit to the Cristóbal Colón Natural Park, Cayo Bariay, the place where the Admiral first landed in Cuba,
• Visit to Gibara, National Monument City.
• Certificate of participation in the Fiesta.
• Right to an Optional Tourism to places of cultural and social interest, with a price defined according to the characteristics of the selection.

For the commercial offer: You must contact our official tour operator, the Paradiso Cultural Tourism Agency, which offers preferential packages that include: ticketing, lodging, internal transportation, food. For your reservation or more information contact:

Lic. Emilio Ortiz Suárez. Commercial Specialist of the Paradiso Travel Agency.
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Organizing Committee.

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